Stannah Stairlift Reviews

The best stairlift purchase is an educated one!

At Stannah, we recognize that you want to make an educated, informed decision before purchasing a stairlift.

Do Some Preliminary Fact-Finding

Before you start researching specific products and companies from which to buy your stairlift, if often helps to get the views of family members and healthcare professionals to assess your need for a stairlift – now or in the future.

Perhaps you’re experiencing a temporary situation that will soon get better, or have a long tem need, involving others at this stage may help you determine your needs and adjust to the decision to install a stairway lift.

“I had a presentation from a Stannah rep and one from [another company] and was very impressed by the rep from Stannah. Just facts and straight direct answers to my inquiries. He discussed the installation and operation in simple answers to my questions. He made [me] very sure in my decision of a Stannah, and all turned out as he said. I am very pleased with the chair.”

Mrs. A.F., New Bedford, MA

Avoid Self-installed Stairlifts

Training is needed before installing a stairlift

We’re often being called in to test a self-installed stairway that someone found on the Internet. Unfortunately, this is a route a lot of people take thinking they will save money, but there’s often something wrong – with the installation or with the product. Click the AEMA logo (right) for more information about self-installation.

When you buy a Stannah stairlift from us or one of our authorized distributors, professional installation is included for your personal safety and peace of mind. Our stairlifts are fitted to the stairs, not to the wall, so the installation is finished in a short time (typically less than half a day) and with minimal fuss. Plus, the installers carefully clean up afterward, then test the stairlift thoroughly, and stay to show you exactly how to use it.

All our stairlifts are powered by reliable, trickle-charged batteries, so you’ll be able to use it even during a power outage.

“We can’t thank you enough for the terrific service; prompt response to our questions; flexibility with our needs and for working with us to get a solution in a very short amount of time. Everyone we worked with was courteous, professional and bent over backwards to be sure we understood all the options – and once it was installed how it worked and all the safety features. We will recommend Stannah anytime!! Thank you!”

R. N., Taunton, MA

Check the Reviews

It’s important to recognize that not all stairlift suppliers are created equal and many aren’t as reputable as we’d like. When you’re ready to research your stairlift, check these review sites:

Check our Better Business Bureau rating
  • The Better Business Bureau will show you how many complaints each manufacturer received in the last 36 months – giving you a good sense of whether they have a problem or not. We recommend you check any stairlift provider here as a start. Click the logo to see our BBB review record.
  • Consumer-complaint sites will show you which stairlift suppliers are attracting angry and frustrated consumers with a gripe about their product or installation. Before purchasing a stairlift, we recommend you search for ‘stairlift’ on at least one consumer complaint site:

“Your salesperson and installer were helpful, courteous and low pressure re sales! Appreciated their kindness.”

G.P., Weston, MA

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